Aromatex-9-KG  Clip-Combi-Drycleaning-Detergent-24kg  Perchloroethylene-Dowper-IN-TANK-23-KG-0
Aromatex  9 KG
Perfume concentrate for
textile cleaning. For use in
Perc and hydrocarbon.
Clip Combi Drycleaning Detergent 24kg Perchloroethylene Dowper IN TANK 23 KG
 Agjent-per-heqjen-e-ujit-dhe-vajit  Perqendrues-i-larte-vajor-lekure  Agjente-ri-vajosje-te-kamoshit
Water and oil repellent
finishing agent for
waterproofing and stain
protective finishing of textiles
in drycleaning machines.
Highly concentrated leather
oil with waterproofing effects
for cleaning and reoiling of
leathers and furs. For use
with Perc and hydrocarbon. 
Suede and Leather reoiling
agent for bath and spraying
processes for use in
Cyclosiloxane D 5 solvent 
 Absorbues-aromash  PROFUMO-LB80  
Laundry odour absorber for
removing foreign odours.
High concentrated fragrance for solvent.
COD. 420 Tank Kg. 1