perqendrim-larte-larjen-rrobave-bardha-  tapetet-dhe-perdet  rrobave-delikate-dhe-tapeteve
Highly concentrated heavy-duty
detergent for white and
coloured textiles for application
in hard and soft water at 30, 60
and 90°C
Wool and light-duty detergent for sensitive textiles and carpets Wool and light-duty detergent for sensitive textiles and carpets

Pluhur-zbardhues   Detergjent-shume-i-perqendruar  Agjent-vajosje-lekure
Phosphate-free chlorine bleach powder for intensive bleaching  Superconcentrated heavy-duty detergent for white textiles for application in hard and soft
water at 30-60-90°C 
Leather oiling agent for treatment of leather and suedes in wet cleaning and for
reoiling cleaned leather in a spraying process. 
 perqendrim-te-larte-me-shkelqyes-optike  njollave-te-forta-mbi-rrobat-prej-pambuku  Detergjent-qe-nuk-permban-fosfat-per-larjen
Liquid highly concentrated oneshot detergent with optical
brightener. Excellent cleaning
power for cotton and blended
One-shot detergent for washing of heavily soiled textiles made of cotton and blends.  Phosphate-free basic detergent for washing textiles made of cotton and blends. 
 shume-i-perqendruar-per-rrobat-me-ngjyre  ruan-ngjyrat-per-rrobat-e-pambukta  perqendrim-shume-te-larte-me-zbardhues-optike
Highly concentrated detergent for coloured textiles made of cotton and blended fabrics.  Liquid compact colour detergent with colour protection for textiels made of cotton and polyester-cotton blends.  Liquid highly concentrated wash-power booster with optical brightener. Particularly efficient for natural oils and fat even at temperatures of 60°C (140°F). For white textiles made of cotton, polyester and blended fabrics. 
 heqjen-e-njollave-te  Permban-enzima  Detergjent-i-lengshem-me-ngjyre
Highly concentrated wash-power booster for removing oil and grease stains from textiles. Effective at washing temperatures of 40 - 60°C.  Enzyme-containing cleaning power enhancer for extremely dirty laundry.  Concentrated liquid colour-wash detergent, without optical brightener or bleach, for cotton and mixed-fibre textiles. 
 shkelqyes-me-karakteristika-te-permiresuara  Shume-perqendruar-zbardhjen-dizinfektimin  veprojne-shkaterrimin-albumines
Finishing agent with handle enhancing and antistatic properties for cotton and polycotton blends.  Activated concentrate for oxygen bleach and for laundry disinfection.  Enzyme-complex concentrate for albumen breakdown and fat removal during pre-wash. 
 Absorbues-aromash-lavanterie  Agjente-fiksues-dhe-perforcues  Pastrimin-special-dhe-mbrojtjen--fibrave
Laundry odour absorber for removing foreign odours.  Fixing and levelling agent for substantive dyes on textiles as well as for colour stabilization and graying protection during the cleaning of coloureds.  Special cleaning and fiber protection agent with color-stabilizing effect for wetcleaning using in the LANADOL process.